Increase the "flow"
of your body

A healthy lifestyle starts
with a continuous exercise

Say goodbye
to the lack of exercise

Do you feel you are on the chair majority of the day?

If you stay in the same position for a long time, your muscles will harden creating a bad "flow" for your body. This is a possible cause for poor body performance.

This has a nice feeling to it. Move your hip joints and stretch around your pelvic areas.

All you have to do is walk naturally and increase the number of steps. You can relax and stretch even during work.

The amazing effects
of Product Ziggle

Recently, there was research around the globe showing that sitting down too long is risky as it has negative consequences that affect human health. Just by pretending to walk while sitting, you can take about 1000 steps within 5 minutes.


Unlike electronic or motor tools, ziggru is a man or foot and brain-powered exercise tool. As a result, exercising with ziggru also exercises your brain by stimulating it.


This is similar to rehab exercises conducted in swimming pools. You can relax your foot muscle and joints without adding additional stress to the muscles and nerves.


Product Ziggle:
The key to a healthy life

ziggru is a perfect gift if you know anyone who struggles with walking around due to painful knees or spends a long time sitting on the couch watching tv. Why not give someone ziggru with the wish of having a healthier life?
Give ziggru As A Gift
You can exercise while watching TV or reading a book. Even on rainy days, you can expect the same results as if you walked around outside. You can secretly use ziggru while working remotely or during an online meeting without others noticing.
While Relaxing At Home
Your "flow" improves by walking. As a result, your brain is stimulated, and you can expect improvement in your productivity. Furthermore, you can refresh your body by sitting too long.
Exercise At Your Desk
Just by "walking" with ziggru five minutes before rehab exercises, you can "relax" your feet and warm up your body, such as the foot and hip area. This will make the rehab exercises more effective.
Perfect Rehab Exercises

Customer testinomials

With this, I can exercise my legs on days that I can't go for a morning walk. I can also exercise while reading a book or watching TV. I strongly recommend this product.

This is perfect if you want to work out and work or do other tasks at the same time. It does not make any noise too and fits under the desks. It is also surprisingly light. In many ways, this is an exercise bike that fits under your desk. However, this is made from wood and has an elegant feeling to it. I highly recommend this.

This is heavy, but you can use this for a long time in a good way. The setup is simple but well done. The wood has a really nice smell, providing a nice smell during a workout. This is easy to use because of the low impact.


The benefit of ziggru is working out without any difficulty. As a result, you can continue and have fun with it. By moving the big muscle thighs, you can relax the muscle around the hip joints and warm your body. 

Ziggru is crafted by the hands of specialists and made so users can use it for a long time. We wish customers to use this for a long time and relax with the wood’s secret power. 

Ziggru is built so even people like you can continue using it. Here are the three reasons 

1. You just place it by your chair 

2. No need to make extra time since you can exercise while doing other tasks 

3. You can exercise easily without feeling pressured to do s

As long you don’t feel any pain or fatigue, you can work out at your own pace by placing it under your chair. 

Even if you are handicapped from the waist down, you can still use ziggru. You can push on your knee with your hand and move the knee continuously.

Please ask your doctor if you intend to use ziggru for rehab purposes. If you feel any pain from using it, please stop immediately and talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.